✓ Any individual with IT background is good person.



✓ Any One who is the resident nationalty of India.



✓ good Exiting Computer Center.



✓ Registered in the district level any documents of study centre it’s / Societies & Trusts.



✓ the Religious / Charitable Organization.



✓ Who has very good passion to teacher computer courses.



✓ Should be willing to invest required amount of money in setting up a center with proper infrastructure and Equipment and man

✓ Should have commitment for providing quality management systems training to students. Should be willing to be a part of the rsy maa saraswati Pvt. ltd.
Computer Center team in accepting the terms and
condition and procedures as laid down by the rsy maa saraswati education Pvt. ltd.
Computer Softwareand hardware courses



√ The franchises definitely took advantage of the latest feature.

You will soon be contacted by our local team if you have any problems related to computer software applications at the Franchisee Computer Center. Take advantage of this facility


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