What is DCA?

(DCA) is a computer course. Which comes under diploma course. For students who are interested in computers and want to go ahead in the computer field, DCA Course is a very good computer diploma course. This is a course of 6 months to 1 year (2 semester) which you can do after 10th and 12th. By doing DCA, you will learn all the things of the computer in general along with learning to run a normal computer. In this, you get knowledge of all the basic information of the computer and commonly used software such as MS WORD, POWER POINT, MS EXCEL etc.


What does (DCA) mean?

The full form of DCA is “diploma in computer application”. (Moll), (shape), (office) (data entry operator), (computer operator), (Tally), (accounting manager), (programming), (graphic design), ( networking), you can get any job you like.


Duration :- 06 Month                                                                      


              (Diploma in Computer Application)

Semester :- I Information Technology (CCA)

  • IT Fundamentals & MS-Windows 7/8/10
  • Binary / Octal / Decimal & Hexadecimal
  • Window Based – Notepad / Paint / WordPad
  • Multi-Media & Internet
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Project Work


Semester :- II Microsoft Office Package

  • MS-Word

(Letter, Paper, Cash Memo, Tables, Charts, Shapes, Picture, Clipart & Other)

  • MS-Excel

   (Row or Calumn, Charts,  Describe Minimum 100 – 150 Function & Other)

  • MS-PowerPoint

    (Photo Album, Video, Audio,  Animations, Slide Show, Transitions , Other)

  • MS-Access

   (Create Database, Table Design, Query Design, Form Design, Reports, Other)

  • MS-Outlook (Auto Account Setup for E-mail Account & Other.)
  • Project Work & Assignment.