What is DTP What is the full name of DTP.

Full information about this is Desk Top Publishing. It is a modern publishing technique created in 1983 by James Davis. DTP means composing work done by computer. In this, the page is printed by a laser printer after the composing work is done by computerized typing.


What does desktop publishing literally mean?

It means something like this. Working by publishing the equipment on your desk. For this, we use computers and related devices to compose text. It uses computer applications, digital graphics and multimedia formats to create electronic documents and presentations.

Through desktop publishing we can create digital pages, which are for viewing in computer / mobile, as well as virtual pages that are in physical format ie
The transfer takes place on the print page. Creating a fully printable document with the help of a desktop computer is called desktop publishing, there are many types of programs available for this, by which you can combine information and content in pieces to make a complete document.
DTP is used by all small companies to print their templates, posters, banners, advertisements, balancesheets, pragati magazines, books, news papers etc.


Duration :- 03 Month


( Desktop Publishing )

       Module :- I  Computer Fundamental

  • Introduction of Computer, Monitor, CPU, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Binary Number System, Memory, Input, Output, Processing etc…

Module :- II  MS-Window

  • MS-Windows 7/8/10 (Paint or  WordPad….

Module :- III  Adobe PageMaker

  • Getting Started with PageMaker, Introduction Basics of PageMaker, Grids Rulers and Guides, Creating a New Document, Working with Text, Formatting Text, Working with Color, Locking Objects, Publishing and Printing Your Documents, Create Marriage Invitation Card , Pamphlet Design, Handbill, Receipt etc…..

       Module :- IV  Adobe Photoshop / Photoshop

  • Getting Started with Photoshop, Photoshop Basic, Photoshop Learning Tools, Photoshop Image Effects, Artistic Effects, Black & White, Photoshop Text Effects, Photoshop Frame and Borders, Photoshop Textures & Patterns, Create Best Photo, Color Setting, Adjustment, Layer, Filter, Liquify etc……

          Module :- V  CorelDRAW Graphics Suite – Corel R.A,V.E. 3

  • Getting Started with CorelDRAW, Vectors and Bitmaps, Set View, CorelDRAW Basic Toolbox, Line & Character Spacing, Create Column, All About CorelDRAW Pattern Fills, CorelDRAW Objects, CorelDRAW Shortcut Key, Create any Design as Logo, Graphics, Vector Graphics, Imaging and Textures Patterns etc…….

( Project Work & Assignment )