Educational Course’s

Educational Course's

What is education.

Education is the process of acquiring knowledge and science.
You should read education in any other language and everyone should have knowledge of education, so our educational company is working in this field of education. And it is our duty to educate uneducated people all over India. Rural and urban areas are being developed through skill development and technical technology through our educational company This rsymse pvt ltd.

Education, in any language, makes a human being a good person and plays its good role in progressive guidance in its field of development. We all have a wealth of knowledge in education, and proper behavior, intelligence, working style and new technology, and education, education and learning etc. are mandatory.
Education for all of us is thus focused on skills, technical technology and business or professions and the growth of mental, moral and aesthetic. And a committee set by this rule education, we should get education on time.

Our education, society is an attempt by one generation to transfer its knowledge from its lower generation. In this view, education is taught in many other languages ​​under the state of India. Education works as an organization, organization, which through its Indian culture and local languages, plays an important role in connecting the individual with society.
Education institutes maintain the continuity of culture of our society. According to our society, the child, youth, old age etc., to follow the basic rules of the society by education, and make their own hold to learn the strong systems, norms and values ​​of the society. Our child, and the youth, gets concentration and social connection with society only when it is oriented towards the history of that particular society.
In our education, there is an education process that develops according to the inherent capacity of the person and his personality. This education process socializes him to play the role of an adult in the society and provides the knowledge and skills to develop the necessary education to any member of our society and to become a responsible citizen.



What is the meaning of the word education.

The word education is formed by applying the suffix ‘A’ to the ‘Shishta’ metal of Sanskrit language. ‘Shiksh’ means to learn and teach. And the word ‘education’ means learning and teaching is called education. Reading and reading and making the person aware in the society and developing their social life response.
When we look closely at the use of the word education, it is generally brought into our education system in two forms, education is broad and narrow. In the broadest sense, education is an objective social process that is always going on in any society, through which the innate powers of humans are developed. Through it, knowledge and skills increase and developed behavior changes and thus we are made civilized, cultured and qualified citizens. A person gets more experience of new developments and technological technology and after receiving that experience, he also gives information to other person, gets him knowledge, which affects his day-to-day behavior. . His learning – teaching, reading and reading takes place informally from various groups, festivals, magazine, radio, television etc. This learning and teaching come in a wide and elaborate form of education. In a narrow sense, education is a well-intentioned social process in a society in a systematic manner at a certain time and in certain places (school, institute, college), by which the students of our society can take examinations related to their knowledge by studying the prescribed curriculum. Learns to pass. And to move forward. He gets understanding, intelligence, knowledge, and information and through this our social life develops.



The scholarly views on education in our India have been edited in this way.

The sociologists, psychologists and ethics given by scholars have given their views regarding education.
These ideas also help us understand the meaning of our education. Some of the main ideas related to education are presented here.
By education, I mean all-round and excellent development of the body and mind and soul of the child and man. (Mahatma Gandhi)

Education is to express the inherent perfection of man. (Swami Vivekanand)

Education is the development of all those inner powers so that he can control his environment and discharge his responsibilities. (John Dewey)

Education is the process of coordinated development of an individual. (Jiddu Krishnamurthy)

Education means co-ordination of the inner powers with the external life. (Herbt Spencer)

Education is the natural, progressive and harmonious development of all human powers. (Pastology)

Education is a powerful tool for economic, social development of the nation, education is the key to national prosperity and national welfare. (National Education Commission, 1964-66)

Education is a means of meeting the basic needs of the child. (Worldwide Declaration on ‘Education for All’, 1990)

In our ancient India, the main purpose of education has been the desire for ‘Mukti’ (Sa Vidya or Vimuktaye / Vidya is what is called liberating). Later, the objectives of education are also changing due to the changing needs and the complexities of social development. And as per the era, new technologies are developing more and more through technology.