VISION of RSY Maa Saraswati Education
Our Vision in Education of RSY Maa Saraswati Education Pvt. LtdTM Computer Education and IT Vocational and General Coaching Centre its New Time to Start Your Life By Managing Director RSY Maa Saraswati Education Pvt. LtdTM “RSYMSE Group of Education Hub” to Represent the Computer Centre Franchise Opportunities for Various State In India. RSY Maa Saraswati Education Pvt. LtdTM will be a in Preparing Professionals who Provided Exemplary Educational and Related Services to Improve the Lives of individuals in a changing and complex company. We are working for Rural and Urban, IT & Vocational or Skills development Program Organizing a time to time every Years Seminar for Rural and Urban Area to Improve his education Initiating a Program in Rural Elementary. School aimed to improve environmental Knowledge and Awareness. It’s Through This Institution. We will development Students in Rural and Urban Area by all Skilled Teacher’s throughout etc.

  • Salient Features in Group of Education Hub.

  • ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System.

  • Online student verification .

  • Valid certificate in govt. as well as in private firms And companies verification

  • Computer centre recognized by govt. of India.

  • If there is any problems related to computer application in the franchise computer centre given by our company contacts our local team your troubles will be resolved in 24-to-48 hours only.

  • Company technical support 24×7.

  • Online franchise centre verification.

  • Online student certificate verification.

  • Ation.Online student job verification.

  • Physical verification.

  • Postal verification.

  • RTI verification.

  • Authorization by (IAS) International accreditation service.

  • Authorization by ISO Board (IAF)

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