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Welcome to Rsy Maa Saraswati Education pvt. ltd.

We are developing rural and urban areas in India. Our company is working in educational areas. We are always ready in the field of education to study computer subjects in collaboration with schools in the coming time. Our company is providing a large computer franchise. We are working in this field by taking courses in Computer Education, General Education, Women for Development, Cutting, Weaving, Sewing Center, Butyrapy, Beauty Parlor, Fashion Designer, etc. through technical technology under Skill Development. Let us all together overcome the unemployment of our countrymen through this company. For this our company has a slogan which we are keeping with you. “Hamara Saath – Your Development” I am confident that we will all succeed in this task. For this we are with each step. Contact us to open any educational related institutions. We will definitely help you in this area.

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No 1 Educational Services

Our company institute is an institution registered by the Government of India under the company ACT through which we are developing education franchise across India and are working in this field. We will show you its details below. One is working with very good experiences in the field. In which its fortunate, all the partners of our company are efficiently stopped, which according to different places in our region, this regional cultural program and new technical technology skill development is done through this institute. For further information, you should visit our website page. We will be very happy with this. Contact us for more information. Develop your area by connecting with our company. Our company is always ready to help you 24 × 7 hours.


Computer Education

We are working in the field of computer education. Our institute is developing students with special new technical technology. Which includes rural and urban areas. And through our institute, students who have passed the exam are also given certificates by the institute.


General Coaching Education

Through our rsymse pvt ltd you can give good recognition to it by adding your general coaching center institute. In this, we will provide maximum promotion to your organization through our websites. By keeping your organization affiliated with your organization, you will be given an institution registration number on our behalf, and you can put the logo of our organization on your banner board. And your institute will be ISO certified. And it will be valid for only one year, it will have to be renewed annually according to your own needs.


Women Technology Training Centre

Our Institute Women Training Center, Women Sewing Education, Fashion Designer Course, Women Butherapy Course, Women Beauty Parlor Course etc. are made on the basis of new technology for women. So that most of the women of our regions should develop and develop our country. And the income of women should be doubled. This will improve the lives of women. Come join us and add your institutes and get certificates. You can apply this certificate in job or business. You can check its complete verification through websites in our institute. Lifetime you have it available online, offline, postal verification. Contact us for more information.


Children's Computer Education

According to the upcoming New Education Policy, we are also teaching computers to young children. By which their knowledge will increase and this children will become knowledgeable. And later on, their confidence will be high and through this information, children studying computers will have full knowledge of their special importance in computer courses, skill development, technical technology. The future of these children will be developed according to their own needs with education, writing and technical directions.


All India Education Franchise Services

Through our company, you can choose your favorite franchise. Technical support is available (27×7) 24 hours 7 days in our company for this work. You can add your organization through our company. Which will give you a good platform to identify a good new market. And through the register websites of our company, you can make a good income through your education center and your coaching center all over the world. We develop new technological technologies to make the individuals and centers associated with us grow more everyday.


Online Payment Services

We have all types of offline and online payment available. You can pay us as per your convenience. With Debit Card,  ATM Card, Credit Card, Internet Banking,  For All Indian Bank’s Google Pay, PhonePe, Wallet Pay, For- Freecharge, PayZapp, Mobikwik, Jiomoney, Olamoney, ePay Later, ICICI Paylater,Scan/UPI/QR Code Pay, you can make payments from home very easily. In our company, payments for new (franchisees, renewal franchises For Only Razorpay Payments Getaway) , new courses, and students’ final certification are also available online.


All Result's Verification Service's

Through our company, you Government job, private job , private limited job, gulf country job, India job etc can verify the results of all the students who have passed the examination from this institute. You have 24 × 7/365 days available here. We are at your service every day. You can do the students certificate verification through postal postal verification, email verification, phone verification, online offline verification facilities etc. are available from our institute.


Web Hosting Service's

We are working with a large platform company across India with this institute rsy web technology, whose name is given below. We have almost 18 years of technical industry experience in the field of web designers, web developers and software developers, etc., in the RSYMSE PVT LTD group, with whom we have been working on this for almost two years now. And through all of you, and through cooperation, we have achieved particularly success. And we will continue to work with new technology in the coming time. Our institute is registered with Government of India MSME. And we provide 99.9% complete satisfaction with the guarantee of development done by this institute. Our institutes make your clients the best SEO service provider by reducing all types of needs to make any of your projects more and attractive.


Bulk SMS Service's

We would like to tell all of you that there are many reasons why users prefer text messaging more because it is much easier than other forms of communications. One of the reasons for this is that they are very discreet compared to phone calls, this is because there is absolutely no danger of being heard by someone else. And we are safe in all ways.

If seen, sending one or more text messages can be done very quickly and with great ease compared to adding a phone to a telephone call. SMS can provide portability that email or instant messaging does not provide in a computer. In the same way, SMS messages can be delivered at any time and the special thing is that when the phone is switched off or out of range. Because as soon as regular service starts, all the waiting messages of the phone start coming on automatically. We get huge benefits from it.


Business Advisory

You do not have any inconvenience through us, so we also work as a business consultancy. The details of which are given below. We also see the proper path of this. If you like it, you can join us. We also register all types of small and big businesses of various types. After you come on our platform, you cannot get lost in any other places. Therefore we are ready to assist you fully. Website Hosting, Website Developed & Designing, Mobile Application, Bulk SMS, Business Registration, Pvt. Ltd., LLP,OPC, Nidi Company, FPO,Producer, MSME/ Udhyam/SSI/FSSAI/ISO/DSC/IEC (Import/Export Code) Registration,  


Website Desig & Mobile Technology

A website means to collect different web pages. In which there are different types of content videos, audios and other types of information, which all domains are known as URL addresses. Such as,, www., www. and it is published on the web server and then you google, chrome, internet, explorer, mozilla fire fox etc. through the browser. All these types of websites are seen by Each website has its domain and its hosting, and has its target users. You cannot create a website without a target user. The target user’s information should be kept in this field. Why we will use the website, what kind of problem is this website salvaging. What are the things that people will come to the website again and again.

The design and development of mobile apps is one such term with the interactive latest technology website page and the famous new technology and technology of software development and design done by our institute in different ways and new guidelines according to different areas. Which we use online and offline to do all kinds of tasks. Such as any process or process is done to provide information smoothly, by which we are used to develop any application and different types of software. These tasks include providing personal digital assistants according to your needs, and any large or small enterprise, online digital assistants or mobile phone connected devices as per the hustle like you can carry out tasks with an easi device in your hand. is done.

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Our company support service is available online and offline for this task, you can also click on it and go to the page.


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We always have to wander more from one place to another. And we have a lot of arrangement on one platform by Rsy Web Technology. Like any type of Business Registration ISO Registration Company, Registration Farmer Organizations etc. are related. You should see that we should choose this platform.
We have almost 18 years of experience in marketing and industries and we are aware that through this institute a new technology and specialized technology is being arranged. You should work with them once. This unit Rsymse Has It is a very reliable platform.
I see this branch working on the platform of All India. You should work with this institute. Through this we have webstie - design, website hosting and website. Many types of design and development, and the process of Bulk SMS bulk E-mail–, and ISO– and business registration will be very good and benefit of multipurpose features, we should work with them.

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